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My schedule

I can be available from Monday to Sunday, between Midday and Midnight. For encounters after 1 AM, please add 1,000 € on top of my stated rates or I recommend making it an overnight booking.


Allow at least 48 hrs notice when you wish us to meet and at least a month for fly-me-to-you and travel dates. I will appreciate it and have enough time to get ready and look great for our date.


When you introduce yourself, I do not expect you to write a book. Yet, I do want to receive a few details about yourself - just enough to make an idea about our compatibility. If you don't know where to start, visit my contact page, I go more into details there about what I would like to know about you.

Incall/ Outcall

I can join you at a five or nice four stars hotel 


I am also available for private travelling and fly-me-to-you dates. With pleasure, I will offer more details about my travelling availability after I receive your details.


When you contact me, have an understanding that a 30% deposit is needed to secure short encounters, and a 50% deposit is needed to secure longer dates like overnights and 24 hours rendezvous. For travel-partner and fly-me-to-you, flight tickets plus a 50% deposit are expected. Regrettably, deposits are non-refundable, but they can be put towards a rescheduled date if you cancel 72 hours in advance.

Due to last-minute cancellations, the deposit would be required to secure our date even if we met several times previously. I understand and respect your need for privacy and discretion, the reasons why funds can be wired into a business bank account that isn't linked with this site or the companionship world.


We strive to plan in advance but we must also accept the randomness of life. And I understand that some circumstances can change and you may need to cancel our date. However, please do be considerate of my time as I'll always be considerate of yours! If you cancel at least 48 hours in advance, then your deposit is safe and can be used for a rescheduled date (to reschedule our encounter, contact me within four months of the original date. Please note, that the deposit can only be moved once). I’m afraid that if you cancel in less than 48 hours, then you will forfeit your deposit. Same-day cancellations will require full pre-payment to plan and secure another date.

If something unavoidable occurs and I find myself in the unfortunate situation to cancel our date, I will refund your deposit in full and help you find another genuine and sensual lady who can join you. If you wish to wait until I can retake dates, I will make you my sweet and first priority.


When we meet, please have the contribution for my companionship placed in an unsealed envelope, and always present it at the beginning of our meeting. If we meet in public, set the unsealed envelope inside a book or a gift bag and once we get together, pass it to me discreetly. You can also send in advance a portion (or the full sum) by bank transfer if we have pre-agreed.


The compensations for my time and companionship are not subject to negotiation. Anything resembling negotiation is considered a sign of disrespect and the invitation is declined or terminated.


In a world where most people show and tell, I choose to value privacy and discretion. The reasons why I have decided not to show my face publicly, manage my booking requests personally and not have a third-party screening system involved. The details you share are only between you and me and will always be treated with the utmost discretion.

The screening

I only meet a few gentlemen per month, and I do all that I can to ensure that we'll both have an amazing experience together. I'm very careful about whom I spend my time with and I screen and verify all gentlemen who enquire a date with me. My focus is on the search for compatibility.

If we haven't met yet, please take the time to fill out my booking form and include all the information required there. Be respectful and prompt with the details I ask from you and consider if you would meet a perfect stranger yourself without asking a few questions first?


I take my health very seriously, and I am well-informed on safe intimacy practices. I work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and believe that good health must be on our priorities list. Please note, we will not be doing anything that might compromise either of our health or safety.

Last but not least

It might sound like there are a few steps towards planning a date with me, but if have found at least one -or perhaps several things- that you like on this site, and you communicate openly with me, then our date has high chances to be a memorable one. And I am confident it will be!

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